Commercial Engineering & Land Surveying
Commercial Engineering, PLLC is based in the beautiful city of
Austin, Texas and provides:

  • Elevation Certificates for residential & commercial buildings
  • Underground utility locating & test-hole excavations
  • Land Surveying services
  • Water quality pond Functionality Inspections

The Elevation Certificate provides information for insurance
companies, lenders and community flood control administrators.
This information is often required to estimate the risks for
flooding.  Elevations are measured using high quality automatic
levels with local city elevation benchmarks or a survey grade
GPS to determine the elevation of a building near a flood zone.  
Some properties located within the 100-year flood plain as shown
on the FEMA Flood Rate Insurance Maps, will require an
elevation survey and certificate for renewal of flood insurance
policies.  Click on the
Elevation Certificates button above for more

Locating existing underground utilities can help prevent
construction cost overruns and resolve potential utility conflicts
prior to construction, when delays and change orders to resolve
utility issues can quickly exceed projected construction budgets.  
Using pipe and cable locaters, we can locate underground
utilities.  We have vacuum excavation equipment to test-hole dig
for various utilities.  We provide quality levels "A" through "D" of
utility location as outlined in the American Society of Civil
Engineers "Standard Guidelines for the Collection and Depiction
of Existing Subsurface Utility Data, CI/ASCE 38-02."  Explore the
Utility Locating button above for details.
Commercial Engineering
& Land Surveying
Austin, Texas
Surveyor, Engineer & Real Estate Agent in Austin, Texas and skyline
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